Advertiser Disclosure Review 2024: A Comprehensive Review of The Broker

This comprehensive review about will elucidate more about the broker’s regulations, trading instruments, trading platforms, reputation, and safety. You will also learn about the fees & commissions applied when trading Forex, shares, commodities, indices, and other CFDs. The review will provide answers to numerous questions you have about the broker as well.

  • Author Raifu Tobi
  • Last updated 03/06/2024

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68.7% of retail cfd accounts lose money. Capital at risk.

*Other fees may apply.

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What Can You Trade?

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS



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Advertiser Disclosure Review 2024: A Comprehensive Review of The Broker

This comprehensive review about will elucidate more about the broker’s regulations, trading instruments, trading platforms, reputation, and safety. You will also learn about the fees & commissions applied when trading Forex, shares, commodities, indices, and other CFDs. The review will provide answers to numerous questions you have about the broker as well.

  • author Raifu Tobi
  • Last updated 03/06/2024

Visi Broker

68.7% of retail cfd accounts lose money. Capital at risk.


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1,000,000+ Users


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What Can You Trade?

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • ETFS

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This review will provide you with everything you need to know about the broker. You will learn about the main features of the broker, what offers its UK clients, the available trading instruments, payment methods, user experience in the personal review, fees and commissions, and the safety measure it puts in place for its UK clients. Also, we will give a comprehensive detail about’s mobile and web trading platforms. So, let’s get straight into it! is an online brokerage created in 2008. It offers seamless trading and investment experience in multiple financial markets across the globe. is a part of Finalto (BVI) Ltd, a constituent of Playtech, which is an FTSE 250-listed company. operates all around the world except few restricted countries such as the USA, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. The company supports multiple languages and is regulated in the UK, EU, Australia, South Africa, and other countries. has its headquarters in Cyprus, and it is licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC), Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).


Broker Comparison Ltd does not provide investment advice. The information provided is of a general nature and does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. You should always check up-to-date fee and charges information with any broker prior to making any trade. You alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any information that has been provided. If you are unsure of anything, you should seek financial advice from an authorized advisor.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. Losses may exceed the value of your position. You should consider whether you understand how derivatives work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Capital at risk.

Please check the fee structure on your broker’s website before taking any investment decision. at a Glance offers CFD trading through its UK subsidiary and serves investors from the Cyprus units. The broker offers services and platforms under two brands. The Marketsx platform is for CFD trading, while the Marketsi platform is used for share trading. Review offers higher leverage, flexible trading conditions, negative balance protection, segregation of clients’ deposits from corporate funds, incentives and loyalty awards, and $1M insurance coverage at no additional cost. The Cyprus subsidiary offers an investor compensation fund up to 90% or 20,000 EUR of deposits. Traders based in the UK can get a compensation fund of up to 85,000 GBP through the FSCS. Please be aware that the FSCS does not protect you from falls in the value of your investment. serves both long-term and short-term investors trading through two offers. It presents proprietary trading platforms alongside MT4/MT5, which is a competitive commission-free pricing environment, and excellent order execution statistics. The broker offers a well-regulated trading environment as it is owned by a company that is publicly listed in the FTSE 250 in the UK. has been featured in different news media in the UK. Neil Wilson, the Chief Market Analyst for, writes on the Insights section of the broker. He is a major contributor to news outlets on the broker and writes about Forex, Commodities, Morning Note, Equities, Indices, and what to expect in the Week Ahead. Neil Wilson has been often quoted on Bloomberg, BBC, Reuters, The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, and London Evening Standard. Neil’s contribution to the financial market has put in the news many times. Main Features offers multiple different features when compared to what other brokers in the UK offer. Starting from its unique investment strategy builder to real execution stats for informed decision making, and down to share dealing and CFDs. These are the main features we will be looking into in this section of the broker review;

Investment Strategy Builder

This is an innovative idea by and it also makes the broker unique in the financial industry. As the name implies, the investment strategy builder enables investors to invest in different portfolios using different investment strategies. Investors can choose to filter by sector, index, average daily volume, and market cap to create their own bespoke investment.

The feature allows investors on to:

  1. select their bespoke strategy based on their risk appetite and investing goals
  2. choose from some of the best performing sectors, and assets across a wide range of industries and regions.
  3. diversify at a comfortable level, from asset class to sector, region to industry.
  4. use their market knowledge to build a portfolio based on strategy tips.
  5. have access to other investors’ advice when choosing the right strategy from tools, insights, and analysis on the platform.
  6. have absolute control over their portfolio

Real Execution Stats for Informed Decision Making has made itself the home of trading. The broker is committed to being transparent to its clients by showing the execution statistics to get a real understanding of what will happen with their orders. That is to let its clients be confident in the market they get.

In 2021, more than 84% of orders had zero or positive slippage. 68.85% of all orders had no slippage, 16.05% of all orders received positive slippage, and 15.10% of all orders received negative slippage. This means that those trades were executed at the exact rate or a better rate than when the trader clicked. Traders get a better spread than expected with positive slippage. Please refer to website to learn more.


  • Well-balanced choice of Trading Instruments: offers its clients more than 2,200 financial trading instruments. The trading instruments cut across currencies, shares, bonds, ETFs, commodities, and many more. The choice of instruments to trade is well balanced as traders have other options in case other markets are dull or less volatile.
  • Competitive Proprietary trading platform: The introduction of Marketsx and Marketsi trading platforms gave an edge over other brokers in the industry. These platforms are alongside the popular MT4 and MT5. This gives traders a lot of options on what trading platforms to use. Users can try out the different platforms to know the one that best suits them.
  • Low Spreads and Competitive trading commission: offers low spreads on its trading instruments, especially on its shares. The low spreads make it possible to speculate on the direction of share prices. Its forex fees are quite low with a fee as low as 0.6 pips.
  • Excellent Customer Support: provides its clients with excellent customer support that is ready to help customers with their complaints. The phone support is available from 10 pm UK time on Sunday to 9 pm on Friday, when the market closes. The live chat is available for customers 24/5.
  • Easy and Fast Account Opening Process: Creating an account on is a straightforward process. The interface is quite intuitive and easy for beginners to navigate through. First-time users do not require any help to create an account with this broker.
  • Great Tools for Learning and Research: has made it easy for its users to learn about the financial market by making its detailed research accessible to its clients. The broker has powerful tools and indicators that make the trading experience worthwhile for its traders.
  • Free and Fast Deposit and Withdrawal: Deposits and Withdrawals incur zero fees on, and they are pretty fast. When compared to other brokers in the UK, deposits and withdrawals are fast and free.


  • High trading fees: users incur high fees, compared to industry standards in the UK, when trading forex, commodities, and indices. These fees come as spreads between the buying and selling rates for the mentioned assets.

Trading Options on

There are over 2,200 trading instruments on Its UK clients have access to trade real shares, shares, commodities, bonds, blends, ETFs, indices, Forex, and other CFDs. The 2,200+ trading instruments include 1947 shares, 67 forex pairs, 10 blends, 39 indices, 60 ETFs, 23 CFDs, 28 commodities, 4 bonds, and 25 in other categories. Spread betting is available for UK clients on Both spread betting & CFD are considered risky, traders need to understand the risks associated with trading or spread betting before starting their trading journey.

The broker makes it possible to trade all the trading instruments mentioned above with leverage. Trading with leverage is borrowing more funds with the investment capital to open a position on a trading instrument. offers maximum leverage of 1:30 to clients in the UK to trade the different trading instruments. You can have access to higher leverage on as an elective professional client. You will also have access to preferential trading conditions. As a professional client in the UK, you can trade the following assets with maximum leverage of 1:300 on major FX pairs, 1:200 on major indices, 1:200 on gold, 1:150 on commodities, and 1:10 on equities. And to become a professional client with, you must fulfill at least 2 of the following criteria;

  • The size of your financial instrument portfolio, including cash deposits, exceeds 500,000 EUR
  • You work or have previously worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position.
  • You have carried out transactions, in significant size, on the relevant market at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous 4 quarters.

However, it’s unlikely that novice retail investors would be classified as professionals. This will mean further protection to these retail customers including negative balance protection and lower leverage.

Share Dealing offers almost two thousand stocks that you can choose to invest-in in the major exchanges around the world. The high-tech platform can support your investment approach, either to go long-term, medium-term or look for short-term gains. The VIP service that it delivers will put you in the driving seat.

Marketsi, a web trading platform, allows you to invest in individual stocks on this broker. offers thousands of stocks across the world through Marketsi by using Saxo Bank’s TraderGo as its third platform. Marketsi puts you in total control whether you are investing for the long-term, medium-term, or short-term.

The shares on are categorized into two; primary and global shares. You can choose the stocks of any sector in any region you want to invest in. Investing in global shares can be done with their straightforward share dealing account. The broker also has powerful analytics tools that deliver top research and indicators that help you to make informed decisions on your investment. The spread of investing in shares on is low as the spread on most of the shares is less than 1 USD.

The table below shows some of the primary and global shares you can invest in on, and their respective spread.

Shares Spread
UK Market
Synthomer 1.90 PNC
Antofagasta 7.33 PNC
Polymetal 2.93 PNC
Rio Tinto 24.56 PNC
Filtrona 2.78 PNC
US Market
Apple 0.60 USD
Meta (Formerly Facebook) 0.78 USD
AMD 0.48 USD
Netflix 0.84 USD
Spotify 0.67 USD
Microsoft 1.10 USD
Germany Market
HugoBoss 0.25 EUR
Continental 0.32 EUR
BorussiaD 0.15 EUR
Porsche 0.34 EUR
Adidas 0.78 EUR
Netherlands Market
Vopak 0.13 EUR
SBM 0.08 EUR
Fugro 0.08 EUR

Shares Trading on

There are 1947 shares on at the time of writing this article. The shares are in different sectors and different regions across the globe. shares are available in the following sectors; Good and Services, Technology, Basic Materials, Financials, Industrials, Energy, Healthcare, Utilities, and Telecom. The regions in which the different shares are available include; the USA, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, France, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Norway, and the Czech Republic. The maximum leverage for trading share CFDs on is 1:5, and the spreads are competitive. users can either trade share CFDs or invest in the shares’ units. Investing in the share unit is buying the share as an underlying asset. Trading share CFDs involves speculating on the price of the share with the use of leverage.

The table below shows the shares that are available in the UK on, the maximum leverage, and the spread for each share. Here are some of the shares in different markets;

Markets Shares Spread (From) Leverage (Up to)
UK Market Shaftesbury 3.36 (PNC) 1:5
Hiscox 4.78 (PNC) 1:5
Aviva 2.06 (PNC) 1:5
Provident Financial 2.44 (PNC) 1:5
Phoenix Group 3.02 (PNC) 1:5
Close Brothers 5.44 (PNC) 1:5
US Market Danher 1.14 USD 1:5
Mylan 0.05 USD 1:5
Mednax 0.12 USD 1:5
AbbVie 0.90 USD 1:5
Abott 0.57 USD 1:5
Italy Market Enel 0.027 EUR 1:5
A2A 0.007 EUR 1:5
Terna 0.039 EUR 1:5
Hong Kong Market MTR Corporation 0.23 HKD 1:5
Cathay Pacific 0.05 HKD 1:5
China Railway Group 0.03 HKD 1:5
Norway Market Scatec 0.1559 NOK 1:5
Storebrand 0.42 NOK 1:5
Australia Market Chorus 0.03 AUD 1:5
Spark New Zealand 0.01 AUD 1:5
Telstra 0.01 AUD 1:5
Nine Entertainment Co Holdings 0.01 AUD 1:5
Belgium Market D’leteren 0.82 EUR 1:5
Colruyt 0.13 EUR 1:5
ABInbev 0.23 EUR 1:5
Sweden Market Trelleborg 1.68 SEK 1:5
Boliden 1.88 SEK 1:5
SSAB 0.30 SEK 1:5
SCA 0.92 SEK 1:5
South Africa Market MTN 90.15 ZAR 1:5
Telkom 25.44 ZAR 1:5
Vodacom 113.40 ZAR 1:5

Forex Trading on

Currency trading is available as forex pairs on, and 67 forex pairs are available to be traded. They are classified into major pairs, minor pairs, and exotics pairs. The spread on major pairs is quite low, followed by minor pairs, and then exotics pairs with big spreads. Maximum leverage of 1:30 is available to trade forex pairs on this broker.

The table below shows some of the major, minor, and exotics pairs that are available on this broker, alongside the spread for each pair and the maximum leverage.

Instrument Spreads (From) Leverage (Up to)
Major Pairs
EUR/USD 0.70 (pips) 1:30
USD/JPY 0.90 (pips) 1:30
GBP/USD 1.90 (pips) 1:30
AUD/USD 0.80 (pips) 1:20
USD/CHF 1.80 (pips) 1:30
USD/CAD 1.60 (pips) 1:30
NZD/USD 2.10 (pips) 1:20
Minor Pairs
EUR/AUD 2.60 (pips) 1:20
EUR/NZD 3.80 (pips) 1:20
CAD/JPY 2.20 (pips) 1:30
GBP/JPY 3.10 (pips) 1:30
EUR/JPY 2.00 (pips) 1:30
EUR/CAD 3.20 (pips) 1:30
Exotics Pairs
EUR/PLN 63.00 (pips) 1:20
GBP/ZAR 200.00 (pips) 1:20
EUR/RUB 100.00 (pips) 1:20
USD/RUB 75.00 (pips) 1:20

Commodities Trading on

There are 28 tradable commodities on at the time of writing this article. Commodities are categorized into three on; softs, metals, and energy. The primary commodities that are traded on are Gold, Natural Gas, Copper, Crude Oil, Silver, and Brent Oil. The maximum leverage available to trade commodities on is 1:5.

Here is a list of the different commodities available for UK clients on with their spreads and maximum leverage.

Instruments Spread (From) Leverage (Up to)
Corn 0.7 (USD) 1:10
Rice 0.07 (USD) 1:10
Soybean 1.50 (USD) 1:10
Sugar 0.04 (USD) 1:10
Coffee 0.35 (USD) 1:10
Wheat 0.65 (USD) 1:10
Cocoa 5.00 (USD) 1:10
Cotton 0.30 (USD) 1:10
Gold 0.50 (USD) 1:20
Copper 0.0055 (USD) 1:10
Platinum 3.0 (USD) 1:10
Silver 0.030 (USD) 1:10
Palladium 5.50 (USD) 1:10
Natural Gas 0.004 (USD) 1:10
Crude Oil 0.09 (USD) 1:10
Heating Oil 0.0034 (USD) 1:10
Brent Oil 0.08 (USD) 1:10

Indices Trading on

Indices are used to measure the performance of the shares in a particular market sector. Indices prices are calculated from the prices of the selected shares. There are 39 indices that you can trade on, and the primary ones include Germany 40 (DE40), Hong Kong 45, USA 500 (S&P 500), VIXX, Dollar Index (DXY), UK 100 (FTSE100), Australia 200 (AU200), USA 30 (Dow Jones), US Tech 100 (NASDAQ 100), and EUR 50 (Europe 50). Indices on are categorized into two; futures and cash.

You can trade major indices as CFDs with leverage up to 1:200, and the spreads are competitive. The table below shows the maximum leverage for some indices and the spreads incurred when trading them.

Instruments  Spread (From) Leverage (Up to)
France 40 – Futures 2.00 (EUR) 1:20
Swiss 20 – Futures 5.00 (CHF) 1:10
Europe 50 – Futures 2.00 (EUR) 1:20
Hong Kong 45 – Futures 10.00 (HKD) 1:10
Spain 35 – Futures 8.00 (EUR) 1:10
UK 100 – Futures 2.00 (GBP) 1:20
USA 500 – Futures 1.00 (USD) 1:20
US TECH 100 – Futures 2.20 (USD) 1:20
Japan 225 10.00 (JPY) 1:20
Australia 200 3.00 (AUD) 1:20
USA 30 3.50 (USD) 1:20
Spain 35 8.00 (EUR) 1:10
UK 100 2.00 (GBP) 1:20

ETF Trading on

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), which are groups of shares and securities, are available on ETFs have features and benefits similar to shares, bonds, or mutual funds. There are 60 ETFs on at the time of writing this article, and they are all available to clients in the UK.’s ETFs cut across shares in different sectors and from various regions around the globe.

The maximum leverage for trading ETFs on this broker is 1:5, and the spread is low as it is less than a dollar. Here are some of the ETFs on, alongside their spreads and maximum leverage:

Instruments  Spread (From) Leverage (Up to)
Oil – United States Fund 0.35 (USD) 1:5
Silver Trust – iShares 0.11 (USD) 1:5
All Country World Index 0.39 (USD) 1:5
US Utilities – iShares 0.43 (USD) 1:2
Mexico MSCI – iShares 0.29 (USD) 1:5
Lithium and Battery Tech 0.32 (USD) 1:5
Brazil Index 0.15 (USD) 1:5
Work From Home ETF 0.2497 (USD) 1:5
S&P MidCap 400 1.95 (USD) 1:5
JNUG 0.57 (USD) 1:5
GLD 0.70 (USD) 1:5
Health Care Select Sector SPDR 0.55 (USD) 1:5
Euro Trust – CurrencyShares 0.42 (USD) 1:1
Russell 2000 – iShares 0.81 (USD) 1:2 Fees & Commissions is very transparent on pricing, and that allows traders to make decisions about their trades. Having upfront pricing information allows its clients, in the UK for instance, to know what the trades will cost, before executing the trade. Traders trade on their terms at

In this section of this review, we will look into fees and commissions in two different categories; trading fees and non-trading fees.

Trading Fees

Trading fees are inevitable when it comes to trading. This is one of the ways brokers like get compensated for the brokerage service they provide for their clients in the UK and other parts of the world. They charge spreads and overnight fees for every position you open on any trading instruments they provide.


You can take your trading to the next level with’s exceptional low spreads. Spread is very important to trades. It is a direct charge to consider when trading on leverage. It is incorporated into the price quote as the difference between the Buy and Sell prices, and you only get charged if a position is opened on any trading instrument.

Here is a summary of how charges spread for each of their instruments;

Forex: The minimum spreads for major forex pairs like EUR/USD starts at 0.7pips. This is on the MarketsX platform. It is the same thing on both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Up to 1:30 leverage is offered across most major, minor, and exotics pairs on

Commodities: Trading commodity CFDs like gold, brent oil, copper, silver, and others is quite cheap. Copper has the lowest spread of 0.0055 USD and gold has the highest spread of 0.5 USD among the major commodities on Leverage of 1:20 is offered to trade gold and gold futures on this broker.

Shares: deemed trading CFD as ‘commission-free’, but share dealing does incur fees once your three-month commission-free plan runs out. Trading major shares like Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Netflix, Alphabet (Google), and Meta (Facebook) cost $14.33, $0.70, $5.15, $1.02, $11.61, and $0.84 respectively. Maximum leverage is 1:5 for trading shares on

Indices: Trading indices on is quite cheap as it comes with a low spread. Trading FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones, DXY, HK 45, and DE40 cost 2.0 GBP, $2.0, $2.75, $0.05, 5.00 HKD, and 1.2 EUR respectively on Leverage up to 1:200 is provided for clients to trade index on this broker.

You can now see that spread varies across trading instruments and it is also based on the volatility of the market. The spread tends to increase during news events and market closing. This is known as slippage.

Slippage is a sudden change in price when the expected price is different from the price at which a trade is executed. Slippage can be positive or negative. It is most common during periods of extreme volatility when markets are moving very quickly.

Overnight Fees

This is another type of trading fee that charges its clients in the UK and other countries in the world. Daily overnight rollover charges apply to each open position at the closing of’s trading day. The method of calculating overnight fees may vary according to the type of instrument to which it applies. In addition, the fee amount will vary as it is linked to the current interbank interest rate. The fee will appear on your account at the end of the trading day, and you may not be notified upon deduction. Any position you hold till the end of the trading day shall automatically be rolled over to the next trading day to avoid an automatic close of the position.

Non Trading Fees does not charge you for depositing to and withdrawing from your trading account, but it is important to know that you will be charged for being inactive on your account. UK clients will be charged 10 GBP a month after only three months of inactivity. That is one of the stricter approaches to dormant accounts in the industry. Trading Platform

In this part of the review, we will dive deeply into the trading review, app review, and for beginners. You will also learn more about the different kinds of trading platforms that are present on

Desktop Trading Platform’s desktop trading platform is provided by MetaTrader. The trading platform is available in both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. MetaTrader only allows forex and CFD trading, but not investing in real stocks.

The desktop trading platform can be customized for charts and workspaces and has price alerts and clear fee reports. It has no two-step login and the design is outdated.’s desktop trading platform is available in the following languages; English, Arabic, Chinese, Bulgarian, Danish, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, Estonian, German, French, Greek, Hindi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Latvian, Korean, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Malay, Polish, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Swedish, Spanish, Tajik, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Ukrainian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Uzbek.

Look and Feel

The desktop trading platform of has great customizability. You can design the chart to your own taste and change the size and position of each tab. You can adjust the chart as you please. The design of the platform is somehow outdated, which makes it hard to find some features.

Security Features

MetaTrader has only one-step login. The two-step authentication is more secure but it is available on the desktop trading platform.

User Experience

MT4 and MT5 have just three types of orders; market execution, limit, and stop. Only the MT4 has a trailing stop. You can set alerts and notifications in the form of emails, mobile push notifications, or notifications on the desktop platform. To use email or mobile devices for notifications, add your email address and your mobile MetaQuotes ID. Go to ‘Tools’ and the ‘Options’ to add them.

You can download the full report of your trades and the commissions paid by clicking on the ‘Account History’ tab. Right-click on any of your past trades and select ‘Save as Detailed Report.’ The full report will be downloaded immediately.


How to Open a User Account on Desktop Trading Platform

  1. Login to your account. Review - Step 1
  2. Click on the Menu button at the far top-right corner of your dashboard and click on ‘My Portal.’ Review - Step 2
  3. On the ‘My Portal’ page, click on ‘Add account.’ Review - Step 3
  4. Select ‘MT4-CFD’ or ‘MT5-CFD’ under ‘Trading account.’ Review - Step 4
  5. Choose a ‘Real’ or ‘Demo’ account under ‘Account type.’ Select the currency you want and your preferred leverage. And then click on ‘Create.’ Review - Step 5
  6. The new account will be added to your portal page. Click on download MT4 or MT5, depending on the one you chose. Your account number is already on your portal page and your MetaTrader password is your account login password.
  7. Once you have successfully downloaded the MetaTrader platform, enter your account number and password to log in. You will be able to see your account balance under the ‘Trade’ tab.
  8. Choose the trading instrument to trade by clicking on ‘View’ and selecting ‘Market watch.’
  9. Some of the trading instruments will be displayed under market watch. Right-click on any of the instruments and select ‘Show All.’ All the trading instruments you can trade will be displayed. Select anyone you want to trade with and start trading.

Mobile Trading Apps Review - Mobile Trading App has its own mobile trading platform. It also has both MT4 and MT5, which can be accessed on the go. They are all available on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. In this app review, we will be doing a deep dive into its proprietary mobile trading app. mobile trading app is user-friendly with good search functions and price alerts. But the app does not have a two-step login and Face/Touch ID login. The mobile trading platform is available in many languages, which are; Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, and Swedish.

Look and Feel’s mobile trading platform looks more like the web trading platform, MarketsX. It is very easy to navigate, looks nice, and has an intuitive interface. The process of registering is quite straightforward as you can get your account set up in a few minutes.

Security Features

The platform requires only one-step login to access your trading account. A two-step authentication would provide an added layer of security, but it is not available on the platform. Also, it is not possible to use biometric authentication to log in. It is easy and convenient to log in with less security features.

User Experience

The search functions are good as you can see all the available options even before you start typing. You can view the chart of your selected instrument to do some analysis. The order types are the same as the web platform.

You can also set alerts and notifications on the mobile trading app. You can use the bell icon next to the instrument you are trading or go to ‘Account’ and select ‘Price alerts’ under ‘My account’. You can choose to be notified through email or push notifications on your mobile.

MarketsX Review - MarketsX

Marketsx is a web and mobile trading platform that is user-friendly with a good search function and price alerts. The platform only has one-step login and there is limited customizability for charts and workspace. The platform belongs to the user and not to any third party. All CFD and forex products are available to trade on the platform. It doesn’t have a desktop trading platform available like MT4 and MT5. Marketsx is available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Look and Feel

The platform is very easy to navigate as all the necessary tools are available on the platform. It is user-friendly and has a clean and clear design. On the flip side, you cannot customise the chart to your personal preferences. However, you can choose among the various layouts and resize the windows.

Security Features

Marketsx only has one-step login. The two-step authentication process, which is more secure, is not available on the platform.

User Experience

Based on a personal review, here is what we have been able to come up with on the web trading platform.

Marketsx has good search functions. You will easily find any trading instrument you are looking for and get relevant results for your search. You can use market execution, limit, and stop order to open a position on any instrument you want. You can also set up email and SMS notifications as well as price alerts. But you can not set a notification for order confirmations.

The platform has clear portfolio reports that are easy to find under the ‘My accounts’ menu, where you can download them. But swap charges are not included in the report.


Marketsi is a web trading platform that allows an individual approach to investment. offers thousands of stocks across the world through Marketsi by using Saxo Bank’s TraderGo as its third platform. Marketsi puts you in total control whether you are investing for the long-term, medium-term, or short-term. You can take a traditional approach or be creative with’s innovative investment strategy builder tool, the industry-leading personalized platform, and VIP service that will make the most of the global markets without the need for intermediaries.’s industry-leading tech is a rock-solid, cutting-edge platform that has all the innovative tools and insight you will need to make informed investments in seconds.

Marketsi has a competitive commission rate. You will get the first three months of investing for free. You will not be charged any commission in your first three months of investing. The competitive commission rates are low and stay low as you continue to invest.

Types of Accounts

Demo Account

A demo account will be automatically opened once you create an account with The demo account will be loaded with $10,000 in virtual cash. The virtual cash doesn’t have an expiry date and it is similar to a real account in every way. It provides you with access to the live market, gives you access to all the trading and research tools, and allows you to trade all the trading instruments that are supported on

The main purpose of the demo account is to allow beginners to familiarise themselves with the trading platform and the live market. Beginner traders will also learn how to open and close positions, get acquainted with lot sizes and stop losses. They also use a demo account to get their trading strategies right and have more trading confidence before trading on a live/real account. Advanced traders use the demo account to try out new strategies and perfect new money management skills.

Real Account

A real account is the standard account that you are presented with once you open an account with Some of its benefits include the fact your deposits are protected and you can trade on thousands of trading instruments with a maximum leverage of 1:300. You can decide to trade your real account on either a web trading platform, mobile trading platform, or desktop trading platform. Funding your real account is a straightforward process as you can add funds from your dashboard.

You will also have access to the research and trading tools, super-fast execution speed, and news updates. The trading process has been oversimplified by the broker as you can open a position on any trading instrument with just a few clicks.

Payment Methods

There are up to six payment methods available to UK clients on They are namely Credit cards, Debit cards, ZotaPay, Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Transfer. The broker accepts payments in more than eleven different currencies, which are AED, AUD, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, PLN, SEK, USD, INR, THB, NGN, XAF, TZS, VND, UGX, LAK, MMK, ZAR, and MXN. If you will be trading on the Metatrader platform, EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, JPY, and PLN are the currencies to choose from. will help you to convert your deposits into acceptable currencies in case you deposit in your local currency that is not part of the accepted currencies on the platform. The broker will not charge you a conversion fee. Opening a multi-currency bank account at a digital bank is a convenient way to save on currency conversion fees. The bank accounts are in several currencies with the current exchange rates as well as free or cheap international bank transfers.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing and withdrawing on are free of charge. The minimum deposit on is 100 GBP for clients in the UK. The minimum withdrawal is 5 GBP depending on the payment method you are withdrawing to. Bank transfer, for example, has a minimum withdrawal of 100 GBP for all clients and 20 EUR for clients within Europe. Withdrawal only takes 1 business day when using a credit card and the card must have your name on it.

Research & Education

We will be looking at the different research tools that provides for its clients in the section of this review. We will also go into much detail about the educational content that is made available to beginners and advanced traders.

Research has great research trading tools, which include blogger opinions, hedge funds investment confidence, insider trades, trading analyst recommendations, trends in trading, signals, related instruments, advanced charting, financial commentary, advanced alerts, and Thomson Reuters stock report.

Trading Tools

Having better insights into the market gives you more understanding, which can help you make crucial decisions when it comes to trading. Marketsx is the bedrock of trader knowledge, it provides you with insight and analysis from the team of experts and an extensive range of technical, fundamental, and sentiment tools. has 14 trader tools that provide unparalleled insight into the market. Be it long-term or short-term, you get to trade on your terms. And one of the benefits of trading with Marketsx is the huge range of exclusive trading tools. You will get technical, fundamental, and sentiment tools for a better understanding of the market and spot opportunities as they come.

Here is a brief description of some of the trading tools available on Marketsx;

Insider Trades

The tool highlights the increase and decreases in shareholdings for over 36,000 company insiders. That allows traders to make better and informed decisions on their positions in the market. It collects, evaluates, and presents the latest transactions made by insiders.

The transaction history shows how individuals buy and sell, who is behind them, their company role, and how their trades rank.

Trends in Trading

This tool gives analyses of every trade made on the platform, in real-time, to show you instant market sentiment. You will see how thousands of other traders are positioned to decide how to trade, either you follow the crowd or do your own thing. With real-time updates, you will see the instant sentiment in the platform changes.

Education provides unparalleled resources for its clients to gain insights, opinions, and education about trading and investing. Their knowledge center is a learning hub, from which traders can get information about trading and invest in different ways, depending on what they want.


You can upgrade your market knowledge with free training from some of the top minds in the world of financial markets. Presenters on are on hand to answer your questions and guide you through a range of topics, from using their state-of-the-art platforms to understanding the ins and outs of the markets.

Ebooks provides a free ebook to beginner traders to get a headstart in the market. You can learn how to tackle the market with their ‘The A-Z of Trading’ ebook. The ebook is a beginners’ guide to trading financial markets. You will discover the following in the ebook:

  • An ideal guide on how to kick start your trading journey
  • How trading works and how you can get started
  • The tools that will help you gain trading confidence before you trade on a live account
  • The charts pros use to inform their trades and how to read them
  • Key trends to watch out for and how to work them in your favor
  • Pro traders preferred technical indicators, and a lot more. Customer Service has good customer service. You can reach them through several channels and get quick and useful responses. However, their customer service is not available on weekends.

You can reach them via phone support, Live Chat, and online query form. Their dedicated customer support team is available for a phone call, round the clock, from Sunday 22:00 to Friday 21:55 UK time. You can reach via the following phone numbers; EU – +357 2222 2121, AU – +61 280 144929, and other countries – +44 203 1500 380.

You can chat with their customer support directly via the live chat function. live chat is available 24/5 to answer your questions or give solutions to your complaints. is also available on social media. You can drop your questions or complaints in their DM and they will reply to you as fast as possible.




Other Products and Services offers limited products and services aside from the ones discussed earlier in this review. It offers bonds and blends trading as part of its trading options. Here are some details about bonds and blends:

Blends Trading offers different kinds of blends in the market, which cut across the different market sectors. Blends from technology, entertainment, recreational, medicinal, companies, and others are all available on this broker. There are 10 blends on at the time of writing this article.

The table below shows the different blends alongside the spread on each and the maximum leverage to them.

Instruments Spread (From) Leverage (Up to)
Cannabis Blend 0.01 (USD) 1:5
ESG Leaders Blend 0.16 (USD) 1:5
Social Media 0.12 (USD) 1:5
Einhorn Blend 0.17 (USD) 1:5
BillAckman Blend 0.29 (USD) 1:5
Buffet Blend 0.17 (USD) 1:5
OPC Blend 0.13 (USD) 1:5
US Technology 0.28 (USD) 1:5
E-Commerce 0.37 (USD) 1:5

Bonds Trading

Bonds are types of securities in which the issuer owes the holder debt and is obliged to pay back the principal of the bond at the maturity date with interest over a specified period of time. Simply put, bonds are units of corporate debts issued by companies and securitized as tradable assets. It is also referred to as a fixed-income instrument as it traditionally pays a fixed interest rate, coupon, to debtholders. offers only four (4) bonds at the time of writing this article. They are listed in the table below with their various spreads and maximum leverage.

Instruments Spread (From) Leverage (Up to)
Gilt 10Y Bond 0.06 (GBP) 1:5
US TNote 10Y 0.06 (USD) 1:5
US TBond 30Y 0.07 (USD) 1:5
GER 10Y Bond 0.06 (EUR) 1:5

Is Safe? is a regulated broker in the UK, EU, AU, and other countries in the world. It is regulated by the top-tier FCA, CYSEC, FSC, and ASIC. offers a negative balance and has a solid background, but it has no banking license. It is a trading and investing arm of a group called Finalto, which in turn is owned by Playtech, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. operates several subsidiaries, and the ones that will serve depend on your country of residence. The country of the subsidiary you sign up with determines the eligibility of your investor protection amount. Clients in the UK, for example, will sign up with Finalto Trading Ltd and get investor protection for up to 85,000 GBP. Finalto Trading Ltd is regulated by the FCA, the UK regulator. Clients in the EU, including Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland, will sign up with Safecap Investments Ltd and get investor protection for up to 20,000 EUR. Safecap Investments Ltd is regulated by CYSEC.

Speaking of background, has a bit of a complicated background. Safecap Investments Limited runs in Cyprus, while the other parts of the company are operated by Finalto Group. Finalto Limited, a subsidiary of Playtech PLC, a company traded on the London Stock Exchange, owns Safecap Investments Limited. That is a good sign as the companies listed on major exchanges need to be transparent. was established in 2008. The broker has been around for a long time, and that is more proof that it has successfully survived previous financial crises. And the fact that is regulated by one top-tier financial authority and offers negative balance protection are all good signs that it is a safe broker.

Bottomline is a CFD broker regulated by several authorities in the world, which includes the top-tier FCA in the UK, CYSEC in Europe, ASIC in Australia, and FSC in the British Virgin Island and the rest of the world.

Account Opening at is straightforward and fast. The broker has good research trading tools, well-equipped educational content, great customer service, and resourceful trading platforms.

However,’s forex trading fees are high when compared to other brokers in the UK. Also, there is no two-step login authentication or price alerts on the web trading platform. makes trading easy for beginners as it provides amazing trading tools and easy-to-use trading platforms.

Raifu Tobi

Tobi is a Crypto Writer, Trader, and analyst specializing in trading the financial market and developing investment strategies. His major expertise includes forex, stocks, commodities, index, and crypto investments. He loves reading about investment banking.

Q & A

Yes! is regulated by the top-tier Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a regulatory body in the UK.

Yes, it is! provides up to 14 trading tools for beginner traders to gain more knowledge about the financial market.

UK clients can deposit a minimum of 100 GBP on

Yes. charges trading fees on every position you open. But there are no fees on deposits and withdrawals.

Yes! has a live chat function available 24/5 and can also be contacted via phone. You can also send them a DM on social media. is a legit broker! It is regulated by top-tier financial regulatory authorities like FCA, CYSEC, ASIC, and others.

Yes! You can download mobile trading app on your smartphone or download your MT4. You can trade the live market on any of the two apps.

Withdrawal takes one (1) business day if you are using a credit card. It could be more when you use bank transfers.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) views Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) as high-risk products due to their complexity and the potential for significant losses. The FCA has implemented regulations to protect consumers from these risks, including rules on leverage, margin, and negative balance protection. Additionally, the FCA requires firms offering these products to provide consumers with clear and accurate information about the risks involved. Despite these regulations, investors should still be aware that Forex and CFDs carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone.